The Nu Project by Matt Blum and Katy Kessler

The Nu Project is a series of honest nudes of women from all over the world. The project began in 2005 and has stayed true to the original vision: no professional models, minimal makeup and no glamour. The focus of the project has been and continues to be the subjects and their personalities, spaces, insecurities and quirks.

Bloggers note: The whole series is really incredible and a great move in terms of getting women all over the world to embrace their bodies, in all their wonderful shapes and sizes.

The gallery is worth a look. 


Weekly Weather Forecast for – October 20th to October 26th


MONDAY: your hair will become frizzy due to the humidity and you will want to be forgotten

TUESDAY: you will bury your face in your hands when you realize what you said

WEDNESDAY: you you you you you you you you

THURSDAY: will will will will will will will will

FRIDAY: always always always always always always always always

SATURDAY: regret regret regret regret regret regret
SUNDAY: growing your hair out longer just because he wanted you to 



20-year-old German photographer Katharina Jung uses her camera and masterful photo manipulation to create otherworldly scenes of strange beauty. Although she’s only been pursuing photography since 2012, Jung has already amassed a portfolio full of dramatic portraits and spectacular conceptual photos that blend surreal and fantasy elements to create compelling visual narratives.